Valenciaport. Leader port in the Mediterranean

The Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), operating under the trade name of Valenciaport, is the public company responsible for the management and administration of three state-run ports situated on an 80-km stretch of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline: Valencia, Sagunto and Gandía.

Valenciaport is the leading port in terms of commercial flows in Mediterranean and particularly with regards to container traffic. This is chiefly due to a dynamic sphere of influence and an extensive network of regular connections to the world’s major ports. As a result, Valenciaport is not only a key element in the image of the Valencian region transmitted abroad but also the maritime manufacturing and consumer gateway of the entire Iberian Peninsula, as well as being the natural port for Madrid and central Spain.

A privileged location

Valenciaport's central location on Spain's Mediterranean coastline is highly valued by shipping companies when drawing up routes for their short sea shipping and long distance services.

A powerful area of influence

Valenciaport is the perfect choice for any shipping lines because of its powerful area of direct influence - among the most dynamic in Europe - and its location close to southern European and north African countries.

  • Valenciaport's direct area of influence has a radius of 350km - an area that generates 51% of Spain's GDP and includes half of Spain's entire working population.
  • Valenciaport is located in the heart of the Valencia Region, and has excellent road and rail connections to the centre of Spain, making it the ideal natural port for Madrid, and an essential platform for the entire Iberian Peninsula.
  • As a hub for the entire Western Mediterranean, Valenciaport efficiently distributes goods over a radius of 2,000km, both in southern EU countries and in North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), representing a huge market of 270 million consumers.

Last generation infrastructures

Valenciaport boasts a tightly-linked Port Community, due to innovative elements such as its Quality Mark and the technology platform, and comprising all public and private economic agents providing services through the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandía.

Valenciaport is not only a key element in promoting the Valencia Region abroad, but also the maritime gateway for production and consumer goods to and from the entire Iberian Peninsula.


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