Equipments Status

Equipment Status allows ValenciaportPCS users to know the status of their containers and vehicles both at load and unload operations. This service provides ValenciaportPCS users automated paperless customs control of containers and vehicles for export and transhipment.



Loading and Discharge Orders permits shipping agents to send the vessel loading and discharge lists to the container and car terminals and obtain the respective confirmations of the loading and discharge of the containers and cars included on these lists from the terminals.

Rich Data
Cargo Lists are fed with additional information to carrier and terminal ones: customs status, DG authorizations, Port Authority permission, etc.

The list is automatically crossed with the customs declarations authorizations in a SOA link with Spanish Customs Central System, no authorization paper is needed


Equipments Status provides users of ValenciaportPCS:

  • New methods for simplifying customs formalities.
  • Increasing the level of security and safety in ports by automating the control of operations and facilitating the detection of inconsistencies.
  • Maximum use of the information existing on customs procedures life cycles that affect freight and containers stored in the port facilities (terminals, warehouses, free zones and other areas of temporary storage).
  • Combining customs traceability information with other port traceability sources of information to provide higher added services for both governmental and commercial purposes.
  • Introducing greater efficiencies and benefits.

Reducing congestion and delays,

Reducing resource intensive labor, 

Increase customer satisfaction and 

Major competitive positioning of Valenciaport clients and users.


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