Loading and Discharge Orders

Permits shipping agents to send the vessel loading and discharge lists to the container and car terminals and obtain the respective confirmations of the loading and discharge of the containers and cars figuring on these lists from the terminals.


The Customs Data Download utility for the cargo manifest enables users to obtain data relative to the export SAD of full containers declared in the loading list for the compilation of the export cargo manifest without the need to introduce the data of the SAD by hand.

This tool is available to shipping agents that send their lists through valenciaportpcs.net. Consult the technical documentation (pdf in Spanish) to download automatically the information contained in the equipment enquiry service offered in valenciaportpcs.net for export paperless clearances.

This information provides data related to the export SAD of full containers declared in the loading list (SAD number, SAD consignment number weight, number of packages, four-digit tariff code and authorisation date).These details are subsequently needed for the Normalised Cargo Manifest.


  • TOS independent. Each Carrier can work with any terminal with the same link and standards.

  • Ability to capture the customs information and obtain information on customs declarations to compile cargo manifests

  • Ability to provide tracking and tracing information to all parties involved

  • Increased control of the information and documentation processed and reduction in errors

Time required to verify the transshipped containers of a vessel has been reduced by ten times both for the shipping agencies and the customs’ police.

This service adds more reliability in the transport chain. Now, it is possible for the shipping agents to guarantee in advance to their clients that the goods will be loaded onto the vessel or if there can be any problem in the departure of goods. This allows the consignees to take appropriate measures and enhance their planning capabilities in the supply chains.

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