Companies handling large volumes of shipping documents will surely prefer to transmit the corresponding data through a direct integration of their management systems, thereby saving the time needed to copy and reintroduce the data in their systems.
Our experts will help to connect your systems so you can make the most of ValenciaportPCS services without having to stop using your applications.


ValenciaportPCS uses standards and the latest technology to facilitate integration in the simplest and fastest way possible

The native format of is XML. A single connection with allows companies to transmit all of their transactions and receive tracking and tracing information in a format that is cheaper to develop and maintain than EDI. A key advantage of XML is that data can easily be used in multiple systems and programmes.

ValenciaportPCS supports the EDI format for highly standardised services such as the sending of Loading and Discharge Lists. Thanks to our integration utilities, ValenciaportPCS supports all electronic messaging standards in the EDIFACT  format.

Should your application not be able to send or receive files in the XML or EDI formats, you can always send and receive data through plain text files. The Inland Transport and Terminal Instructions services accept directly plain text files. Our valenciaportpcsAgent utility will help you convert such files to the native formats of ValenciaportPCS for all other services.


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